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About Us

Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Tom and I am the person who looks after every little detail in creating the Instruments you may (or may not) see here. Being a one man show means I do everything. I have even been known to fell a tree!

I must highlight that I am NOT a cookie cutter-nor a Factory. I build for the individual client.

My motivation to build Bass Guitars comes purely from the enjoyment of doing so. Having built my first Bass at age 13, I have since built many, as well as the odd Guitar, honing my skills over time to reach a level of craftsmanship which discerning musicians will hopefully appreciate.

My focus remains on building an Instrument of the highest possible quality, using the best materials and Hardware available at any given time, not rushing and the pursuit of constant improvement.

Most importantly, I look forward to creating a long term, customer focused, relationship with each and every one of my clients. If you are looking for a builder that you can feel comfortable with, who can translate your ideas into reality, then please contact me for an appointment to discuss creating an Instrument for you.